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87GB: 87GB Catalogue of Radio Sources


Table name: 	c87gb
Records: 	54579
Version:	1990
Spectral Band: 	RADIO
Kind of Object: Radio Sources
Coordinates: 	B1950



Name	Type	Meaning

flux	F	Flux (Jy) at 4.85 GHz
e_flux	F	Uncertainly on flux (Jy)
sky	F	Local sky level (Jy)
flags	c3	Flags with the following meaning:

		E 	Significant extension of source
		W  	warning
		C  	confusion

major	F	Normalized FWHM major axis (OEM =`M )
minor	F	Normalized FWHM minor axis (OEm=`m)
angle	F	Fitted major-axis position angle PA (degrees east of 
col	I	Map pixel column number counted from left
row	I	Map pixel row number counted from bottom
r_a	I	B1950 Right Ascension
dec	I	B1950 Declination
e_ra	F	Accuracy on r_a in arcsec
e_dec	F	Accuracy on dec in arcsec

Derived Values

_ra	F	J2000 Right Ascension (epoch + equinox J2000)
_de	F	J2000 Declination
_lii	F	Galactic Longitude
_bii	F	Galactic Latitude
_L	F	SuperGalactic Longitude
_B	F	SuperGalactic Latitude