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6CMNORTH: The 4.85 GHz Northern Sky Catalogue


Table name: 	6CMNORTH
Records:    	53522
Version:  	Distribution version, 4 September 1990 
Spectral Band	RADIO,Spectral Index
Kind of Object: Northern Radio Sources
Coordinates: 	B1950



A catalog of 53522 4.85GHz sources between 0o and 75o declination has been generated from observations taken with the NRAO Green Bank 300 foot (91 m) telescope. The flux limit of the catalog is dependant on declination and ranges from "40 mJy at 0o to 20 mJy at 60o. The source positions given in the catalog have a 95% confidence radius of "50". Spectral indices have been calculated for 29051 sources which have counterparts in the Texas 365MHz northern sky survey.


Name	Type	Meaning

name	A10	6cm Name, constructed from RA, Dec HHMM+DDSS with A 
		or B added at end if needed to make name unique
ra	D	right ascension (1950)
dec	D	declination (1950)
flux	I6	4.85 GHz flux (mJy)
extend	A1	"*" if source is extended, else blank
sp_ind	R	Spectral index between 4.85 GHz and 0.365 GHz (flux 
		from Texas survey, Douglas et al.,private comm.), 
		blank if not detected at 0.365 GHz
widflg	A1	"*" if separation between 4.85 GHz and 0.365 GHz 
		positions is greater than 100 arcsec, else blank

Derived Values

_ra	F	J2000 Right Ascension
_de	F	J2000 Declination
_lii	F	Galactic Longitude
_bii	F	Galactic Latitude
_L	F	SuperGalactic Longitude
_B	F	SuperGalactic Latitude