QC1 Plotter

uves_science_public: QC1 parameters for UVES science products, single exposures and stacks



Select for plotting:

1. Plot Items
X axis Y axis Item Comment
mjd_obs MJD-OBS of (first) raw file
mean_raw mean level of (first) raw file
mean_reduced mean level of reduced file
num_sat number of saturated pixels in (first) raw frame
mean_s2n mean S/N from ratio signal/errorbar
qc_s2n mean S/N from QC1 ORD OBJ SN
rpl_par mean ripple parameter from QC1 ORD OBJ RPLPAR
qc_pos mean signal position in slit, from QC1 ORD OBJ POS, in pixels
qc_fwhm mean signal width, from QC1 ORD OBJ FW, in pixels
wlen_start start wavelength [A]
wlen_end end wavelength [A]
wlen_step step size [A]
qc_nord number of orders
mean_airm mean airmass during (first) exposure
mean_seeing mean seeing during (first) exposure
exptime exposure time in secs (stacks: total exposure time)
max_deviation stacks only: max. variation of flux levels against mean
contrib stacks only: number of files contributing (averaged across pixels)
rel_contrib stacks only: relative contribution
snr_ratio stacks only: relative improvement in SNR
rel_pos single only: relative position of maximum (0.5: slit centre)
median_reduced median value of reduced file
slit_width slit width [arcs]
slit_length slit length [arcs]
DATANCOM stacks only: total number of combined 1D spectra

2. Filter by
det_read_speed detector read mode
det_win_bin binning in X and Y direction
arm arm (BLUE or RED)
ins_mode mode (one arm: BLU/RED; two arms: DI1/DI2)
lambda_central grating central wavelength [A]
slit_width slit width [arcs]
slit_length slit length [arcs]
add_comp additional components (absorption cell, image slicers); select 'NONE' for normal echelle data
pro_catg category of main product file
flux_avail flag to indicate that flux calibrated spectrum is available
score_bit quality flags ("score bits")
DATANCOM stacks only: total number of combined 1D spectra
proc_scheme processing scheme
pipe_id Pipeline name/version
run_id run ID
VM_SM Visitor Mode or Service Mode (NO: unknown)
ob_grade OB grade (A/B/C/D or X=unknown)

3. Options
time range:
for plot: From To
for statistics: From To
plot options:
y scaling for plotting: y_min y_max
x scaling for plotting: x_min x_max
connect by lines mark outliers civil_dates
plot format: png gif ps
statistics options:
average none mean median least-square
error thresholds none 1 sigma 3 sigma 10%

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