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muse_sci_single: QC1 parameters related to IDP science data, single cubes



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1. General Keywords

mjd_obs float MJD-OBS of raw file
civil_date datetime civil date of observation (YYYY-MM-DD)
cdbfile varchar given name of associated product file
arcfile varchar arcfile name of raw file
pipefile varchar pipefile name of product file
final_product varchar pipefile name of final product file
sky_file varchar pipefile name of SKY file if sky_YN=Y

2. QC1 Keywords

NAXIS1 integer number of elements in X (spatial)
NAXIS2 integer number of elements in Y (spatial)
NAXIS3 integer number of elements in Z (wavelength)
mean_airm float mean airmass
mean_seeing float delivered seeing
AMBI_REQ float requested seeing
number_src integer number of sources found by pipeline
FWX_min float minimum FWHM of sources in X
FWX_max float maximum FWHM of sources in X
FWY_min float minimum FWHM of sources in Y
FWY_max float maximum FWHM of sources in Y
FW_median float median FWHM of all sources with valid FWHM [arcsec]
FW_mad float median abs. dev. of the FWHM of all sources with valid FWHM [arcsec]
exptime float exposure time (in sec)
ABMAGLIM float limiting AB magnitude
PIXNOISE float px-to-px noise [1e-20 erg/s/cm^2/A]
SPEC_RES float approximate resolving power of exposure
SKY_RES float spatial resolution FWHM [arcsec]
HISTO_MAX float flux value for frequency maximum in product histogram
HISTO_17 float flux value for left relative minimum (-1.7 dex) in product histogram
num_sat integer number of saturated pixels in raw file
lshift_max float maximum diff. correction of wavelength scale in A
qc_deltatime float time difference (in days) between science and arclamp calibration
sky_CONT_FLUX float total flux of SKY continuum [1e-20 erg/s/cm^2/arcs^2)]
sky_NLINES integer number of SKY lines found
ob_id integer ID of Observing Block
ob_name varchar Name of Observing Block
run_info varchar link to "programme/run information" (select "HTML" to display properly)
file_list varchar link to "raw file list" (select "HTML" to display properly)
abstract varchar link to "abstract" (available only for released data; select "HTML" to display properly)

3. Instrument Keywords

ins_mode varchar instrument mode
data_type varchar DATACUBE_SINGLE (from single OBJECT exposure), DATACUBE_SKY (from single SKY exposure)
sky_YN varchar Y: this datacube has its own SKY observation
LSF_YN varchar Y: this datacube has been reduced with LSF profile
single_YN varchar Y: this datacube is a final product
TPL_NEXP integer total number of exposures in template (incl. SKY)
na TPL_EXPNO integer index of exposure in template
target varchar target name
na COEFF_alpha float cumulative offset in alpha [arcs]
na COEFF_delta float cumulative offset in delta [arcs]
POSANGLE float derotator position angle [deg]
score_bit varchar quality flags ("score bits")
proc_scheme varchar processing scheme (MUSE_R: phoenix)
pipe_id varchar Pipeline name/version
run_id varchar ID of observing run
VM_SM varchar Visitor Mode or Service Mode
ob_grade varchar OB grade (A/B/C/D or X=unknown)
na ob_comment varchar OB comment (truncated at 200 chars)

4. Options

time range: from to
aggregate functions: sum mean 1sigma number
format: plain ASCII HTML

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