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1. General Keywords

mjd_obs float MJD-OBS of raw file
civil_date datetime civil date of observation (YYYY-MM-DD)
cdbfile varchar given name of associated product file
origfile varchar original file name of raw file (PSO convention)
pipefile varchar pipefile name of associated product file
arcfile varchar arcfile name of raw file

2. QC1 Keywords

nfib integer total number of used fibres in exposure
nsci integer total number of science fibres in exposure
nsky integer total number of sky fibres in exposure
mean_flux float average flux in this spectrum (counts)
mean_s2n float average SNR of this spectrum
numsat integer number of saturated pixels in raw frame
mag_user float estimated magnitude of target (user-defined, from OzPoz table)
wlen_start float start wavelength (nm)
wlen_end float end wavelength (nm)
wlen_step float wavelength step (nm)
mean_airm float mean airmass
mean_seeing float mean seeing
exptime float exposure time (in sec)
resol_power float approximate resolving power of exposure
qc_deltatemp float difference of temperature (in degrees) between science and arclamp calibration
qc_deltatime float time difference (in days) between science and arclamp calibration
qc_glow float strength of the residual glow, find more here
ob_id integer ID of Observing Block
run_info varchar link to "programme/run information" (select 'HTML' to display properly)
file_list varchar link to "raw file list" (select 'HTML' to display properly)
abstract varchar link to "abstract" (available only for released data; select 'HTML' to display properly)

3. Instrument Keywords

FPS integer FPS index of this science fibre in exposure
brightest_flag varchar Y: this spectrum is brightest signal in exposure
sky_exists varchar Y: this spectrum has attached SKY fibres
det_read_speed varchar readout speed
ins_slit_name varchar slit name
ins_grat_name varchar grating name (HR or LR)
ins_exp_mode varchar setup string
obs_mode varchar SimCal or OzPoz?
score_bit varchar quality flags ("score bits")
proc_scheme varchar processing scheme (GIRAF_R: phoenix)
pipe_id varchar Pipeline name/version
run_id varchar ID of observing run
VM_SM varchar Visitor Mode or Service Mode
simcal_attached varchar Y: SimCal observation existing within same OB, attached as ancillary file

4. Options

time range: from to
aggregate functions: sum mean 1sigma number
format: plain ASCII HTML

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